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Oil suitable for frying1. peanut oilBecause the unsaturated fatty acids of peanut oil are moststable at high temperature compared with o油条油炸机ther edible oils, and themost unchangeable or decomposed to form harmful substances. So thefried peanuts are the healthiest. And peanut oil has a un小型高温实空油炸机ique aromaof peanuts, and the fried things are very attractive.2. palm oilPalm 小型油炸机oil is mainly used to fry instant noodles. Because it isa lot of saturated fatty acids, not easy to deteriorate. But thetemperature of th看看炸串机械e freezing point is high, and the single palm oilat烧烤油炸1体机 normal temperature in autumn and winter in China solidifies. Theoil temperature is high, 235 degrees, so the fry is verygood.3. lardOne of the Chi实在齐从动油炸装备nese standard oil and fat, suet and back oil. Ifit is fine, a lot of Chinese food must be made of lard. It is theright way for Chinese pastry to crisp念晓得technology with lard. Especially thepie, lard and onion, flour is a. A lot of shops that specialize inf小型高温实空油炸机rying and frying oil must be added to lard, which generallyaccount for 30% of the proportion, so as to increase aromaeffectively, and the frying matters are crisp and golden. But theproportion of lard can not be 年夜型油炸装备too high, otherwise the cold will bevery greasy.4. coconut oilCoconut oil is extracted from the white flesh of coconut andcontains almost 50% lauric acid, a healthy saturated fatty acid. Itbecomes solid at实在usingdifferent room temperature, so it is not suitable for saladdressing, but because of its high smoke point, it is ideal cookingoil.Finally, because of闭于油炸锅尺寸 the cost and mechanical constraints, themanufacturers can choose the suitable oil according to their ownfried fryer. Combined with th教会e oil and water mixed fryingtechnology of the company's fryer, the product will be better, theoil quantity is reduced, the competitive power of the product isimproved and the production cost will be reduced.

The principle of fried foodThe cooking method is determined by the smoke point andmelting point of the oil. The unsaturated fatty acid determines thehealth of the oil, and the aromatic organic matter dissolved in theoil determines the flavor of the oil. The same material, usingdifferent processing technology, the composition is different, theapplicability is not the same. Fried food is mainly used in oil asa heat transfer medium for cooking, frying (five or six oil) aboutthe temperature is 130 DEG to 170 DEG C, high temperature frying(seven or eight into the oil) is about 170 degrees centigrade to230 degrees centigrade, so generally used for the oil smoke pointis higher than 230 DEG C. In theory, the higher the point of smoke,the more suitable for frying, so that in the process of frying, itwill not produce too many harmful things.

What oil is best used when full automatic fryer fry food


进建processing What oil is best used when full automatic fryer fry food

看看新型油炸机What oil is best used when full automatic fryer fry food